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PaghamTake a wander along Pagham beach and it's houses on the nearby roads and you'll soon see why Pagham is also known as a railway town. In 1919 a small holiday village started to emerge with the arrival of victorian railway carriages bought up from old rolling stock from nearby Bognor, Chichester and Brighton. Many of the beach bungalows today are still the original railway carriages.

With fairly deep water close in, Pagham fishes well all along the beach and not surprisingly it can get very busy at weekends and parking can be a problem. Weed can also be a major problem at times up to high water but it usually disperses as the tide turns. Local anglers there have a very good relationship with Pagham Yacht Club, so our advice is to keep well away from their slipway to make sure it stays that way.

Type of ground

Pagham beach is mainly undulating shingle onto clean sand, although there is some rough ground near the concrete groynes to the right of Pagham Yacht Club. Tides are strong on springs and you should expect to have to deal with lots of weed although this usually disperses after high water.


Bass, mackerel, dogfish, bream, gurnards and in season, codling and whiting; but it is the quality smoothhounds from May to the end of July which attract most attention.

Bait and Tackle

You will always meet weedy conditions here where two tides meet and deposit endless clumps all summer. After a southerly blow can leave the shore marks unfishable for a few days. At other times, ‘grin and bare it’, as you will usually get a one or two hour break after high water. A good beachcaster and 20 lbs line plus leader is needed. Make your leaders a bit longer for long-hauling clumps of weed up the beach. A pulley or single paternoster ending in a 3/0 for smoothies and codling will work; as will two or three hook flappers for the bream which can reach three pounds during calm conditions in April/May. Lugworm is the staple here and will usually out-fish ragworm. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hardback crabs (as well as ‘peelers’), prawns, butterfish and larger baits like mackerel and whole squid. Rough weather, even in winter, will bring bass close to shore when slipper limpet is the best bait to use.


Pagham is signposted from the A27 south of Chichester. Exit the A27 on to Vinnetrow Road then take the B2166 to Pagham. There's a free car park opposite the Kings Head pub and limited parking opposite the amusements. Don't park in West Front or East Front Road that run parallel to the beach as it is for residents only.

Nearest tackle shop:

Aldwick Angling, 25 Nyewood Lane, Aldwick, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 2QB 01243 829054 |

Raycraft Tackle, 119 High Street, Selsey, West Sussex 01243606039

Shoreline Angling, 7 Shore Road, East Wittering, West Sussex 01243673353

Southern Angling Specialists, 2 Stockbridge Pl, Stockbridge Rd, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8QH 01243 531669

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