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Ragworm live in either stony or muddy ground; they are rarely found in clean ground. There are three kinds of rag: king ragworm which can be 12 inches in length and more; harbour ragworm which are smaller and reddish in colour and white ragworm which are also small. Both of the smaller worms are found in shingle and estuary mud at low tide.

King rag are tough and make an excellent bait for bass but beware of their pincers which can give you a nasty nip unless you grip them immediately behind the head.

To dig rag, work a trench through the bed turning up worms as you go. The more difficult method is to locate individual worms and dig them out of their burrow. To locate them walk along the bed and watch the ground carefully. The worm will betray its presence by burrowing deeper and as it does so it 'blows' causing a small hole to appear on the surface. You'll need to dig deep quickly to reach the worm before it can get too far down.   


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