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Black bream have a deep flattened gun metal body with dark vertical bars and gold horizontal streaks on its sides. Large scales cover the whole body and it has a long spiny dorsal fin and spines on the anal fin which can draw blood if not handled carefully - cup them lightly around the belly. Its small mouth full of sharp teeth is ideal for eating crustaceans and small fish. Black bream are a gregarious shoaling fish and congregate over eel grass, around wrecks and natural reefs. A two pounder can be considered a specimen fish.


Can be caught all along the south coast from April right through until November in some spots.


Adrian Farley and female black breamBlack bream are scrappers and to get the best sport from them you should use light tackle. Although they will take most baits the popular technique is a two hook flapper baited with inch long mackerel strips or ragworm tipped with a sliver of squid. Baits and hooks need to be fairly small - Aberdeens size 6 or 4 are ideal. Bream bites are easily recognised by their rapid rat-a-tat nature. They usually hook themselves against the weight of a beachcaster and lead, but if you are fishing lighter you should keep hold of the rod and strike.


Ragworm, squid, lugworm, mackerel strip.


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