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Yorkshire Chub

27 years ago I caught my PB chub of 5 lb 8oz from the Wye on a chunk of spam. Since then I have never seen another as they are absent from most Scottish rivers. This weekend I was down in Yorkshire with the family and as always I got to go fish after completing […]

Wind and Coalies

  Another catch up post from May! After the loch trip I was keen to get back to the sea again. However a succession of high winds kept me away for over a week. Eventually the weather broke and I managed to get down to my favourite rock mark. When I say the weather broke […]

Back on the Loch, Big Style!

  A couple of days after the maiden voyage of “The Black Pig” the wind had dropped and that was enough for me to grab the boat and head back to the loch. I got up good an early an after an uneventful drive I got to the loch at about 8.30 am, blew up […]

Afloat on the wee black boat.

A couple of days after the LRF sesh I managed to borrow a small inflatable boat from my friend Mark Stone the Herakles pro staffer. It was time to take it out for a spin and see how the perch up here were doing!! The Boat is a 2.3mt 3D Tender, super light and easy […]

Wakefield – It’s not so grim up north!

  The City of Wakefield in west Yorkshire is generally associated with the production of rhubarb and rugby, but for me it is the home of some brilliant urban canal fishing! As I have family based there we make regular trips from Edinburgh down to Yorkshire and while my kids are getting spoiled by granny […]

Surprise! It’s a PB Sea Monster…

  OK so I am playing catch up with the blog posts at the moment and there are still many updates to add, however when something significant happens I am compelled to tell you about it. After all we all like fresh fish right? Yesterday I had a couple of hours free so I decided […]

Return of the Flatties

  A few days after the Clyde trip the east wind had dropped so it was time to check out the local harbours. I pretty much had only one fish in mind and that was Flounders. Throughout the winter the flounders tend to thin out and move out the harbours, however spring sees them return […]

Westin Monster Teez

March signalled the start of this years perch campaign and I found myself on the loch in a boat with my friend and fellow pro staffer for Herakles Mark Stone. It was cold and it was a real struggle to find the perch. With the water temperatures low we knew that the perch would be […]

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