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LRF- Flounder session

  A couple of days after the Yorkshire trip and it was time to head down to the harbour to see how it was doing. There was a cold north east wind blowing and I was down for the start of the flood. This was to be a quick session as I only had a […]

Surprise! It’s a PB Sea Monster…

  OK so I am playing catch up with the blog posts at the moment and there are still many updates to add, however when something significant happens I am compelled to tell you about it. After all we all like fresh fish right? Yesterday I had a couple of hours free so I decided […]

Return of the Flatties

  A few days after the Clyde trip the east wind had dropped so it was time to check out the local harbours. I pretty much had only one fish in mind and that was Flounders. Throughout the winter the flounders tend to thin out and move out the harbours, however spring sees them return […]

Clyde Estuary

During March the south east coast of Scotland had been getting battered by north east winds, which meant that most of my normal marks were too dodgy to fish. So I decided to follow the wind and head west to the Clyde estuary. Normally when I head west I am drawn to the sea lochs […]

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