27 years ago I caught my PB chub of 5 lb 8oz from the Wye on a chunk of spam. Since then I have never seen another as they are absent from most Scottish rivers. This weekend I was down in Yorkshire with the family and as always I got to go fish after completing my daddy duties. I really wanted to try the River Calder for chub but wasn’t too sure where to target. Luckily David Currie told me a couple of places to try for them and for that I am truly thankful! Armed with my 3-7g Hart Bloody Night Ranger rod,2500 reel, 6lb Braid, HTO Ultra Light Titanium trace and on the business end the brilliant Viva Heno Ji Fighter crankbait I made my way through the undergrowth to a classic chub swim. It was all over hanging trees and willows and looked like Mr Crabtree had designed it! I tested the lure out in a small feeder stream about 6 foot wide and flanked by tangled brambles.I flicked the lure across the other side and slowley cranked it back. I was watching how wiggley the plug is when a small chub came out of nowhere and smashed the lure so hard it flew out of the water!After a bit of a tailwalk I swung it to hand and I couldn’t have been more pleased if it had been a 50lb pike or 6lb perch!I got to see everything and it was my first lure caught chub on a classic method.



Next up I tried the main river, casting the 3gram plug across the stream and allowing it to float down under the over hanging branches. I flicked the bail arm over and instantly felt the frantic wiggling of the lure. I got about 3 turns of the handle before the lure was slammed.This was a proper fish and the Ultra light rod bucked wildley in my hands as the fish tried to reach the saftey of the willow roots. I turned the fish with some side strain and guided it back upstream to my waiting net. As it slid into my eager net I was over the moon as I eyed my beautiful bronze prize. At 2lb 3oz it was no record breaker but the whole experience was so wonderfully crabtree I doubt I will ever forget it.





I always knew that the Heno Ji fighter would be a chub magnet, its a fantastic lure and due to its single barbless hook and big lip it is very snag proof. It also makes unhooking very easy with mimimum damage to the fishes mouth. Wakefield Angling Club has some fantastic waters and I know where I will be trying next time I am down



Tight Lines


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