Another catch up post from May!

After the loch trip I was keen to get back to the sea again. However a succession of high winds kept me away for over a week. Eventually the weather broke and I managed to get down to my favourite rock mark. When I say the weather broke what I should really say is the wind had switched offshore and although it was still strong it was fishable. The strong wind and swell meant there was no place for ultra light tactics. Instead I opted for my HRF gear which consisted of the Yuki Genius 3000 loaded with PE.2 YGK G Soul PE braid , Hart Boushido 73m 7-28g rod and on the business end the Hart Bony jig.

Now the Hart Bony is a really effective lure and a great choice for when it is windy as it is heavy and aerodynamic, it flies in the face of strong wind. The fishing was tough though and I was expecting some decent pollack. Instead I was rewarded by some good sized coalies and although they weren’t the bigger pollack I had hoped for they still put a bend in the rod and a smile on my face!







OK so not much detail on what I did to actually catch them? That’s because we have a video of the technique and the lure!

If you want to know how then have a watch.

Tight Lines



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