A couple of days after the LRF sesh I managed to borrow a small inflatable boat from my friend Mark Stone the Herakles pro staffer. It was time to take it out for a spin and see how the perch up here were doing!!

The Boat is a 2.3mt 3D Tender, super light and easy to transport but also very tough . With a payload of 336kg it meant I could fill it with lures and hit the loch in saftey and comfort, solo missions just became easier! The wee black boat runs well with an electric trolling motor in this case a Hart SX46 46lb thrust engine which nips along at 3 mph ( 2.6 knots for you sea fairing types!). Coupled with the Lowrance Elite 4 HDi Sonar it was a stealthy perch catching machine!

I got to the loch and it took about 10 minutes to inflate the boat and get all the gear stowed for its maiden voyage with me.  I spent the morning searching along the drop offs , where the loch would slope down from 10 to 20 ft. I saw plenty of fish on the sonar but I found it really difficult to anchor over them. There was a stiff north easterly blowing and by the time I head readied the anchor I had drifted away from the shoaled fish. This meant I had to go through the same scenario again, finding fish and trying to anchor near them, with no drougue I couldnt drift the areas .It was also bloody freezing! It wasn’t untill the wind dropped that I managed to get on some perch.

I was dropshotting using exactly the same gear that I was catching the flounder on earlier in the week.  1-7g  Hart Absolut Rock and street rod, 3000 reel ,PE0.6 braid and 8lb leader. The only difference in the dropshot rig was the use of a size 2 Sab Polo wormer hook. These hooks are great for nose hooking lures when drop shotting. I started with The never fail HTO Midi stick in pearl. I cast this out and let it run back down the slope towards me gently twitching it down the drop off. A very slow retreive with lots of pauses so I can work the lure against the weight. I had a fair few perch on the midi stick and a couple of rogue Jacks  as well! I had a couple of decent perch but the majority were quite small , still it was all on the ultra light gear so was great fun.



All in all it was good to get used to the new boat and see what it could do,even if the fish weren’t as co operative as I had hoped!

Tight Lines.


3 responses to “Afloat on the wee black boat.”

  1. Duncan Rogers says:

    good one Jake. I’m after the Lowrance Elite 4 myself for the kayak.
    Tight lines mate!
    BTW, I have just made three drogues for the kayak fishing. Two are 1 metre square, the other is 1320mm square
    It’ll do a big rowing boat/motor boat no bother

    • David Hall says:

      Cheers Duncan, I may have to have a wee look at your home mades!

      • Duncan Rogers says:

        let me know if you want one Jake. Tony has one and John Cruickshanks of Central Scottish kayak anglers has another. I have told them to trial them hard.
        I have just bought materials enough for three more.

        (I can state with a degree of confidence that they are made to last. edge reinforced with 20mm polyester webbing, stabiliser hole also reinforced the same way and a 600lb swivel incase they spin which will screw up an attachment line big time. They shouldn’t spin due to the stabiliser hole, across which I’ve added a short paracord yoke so that users can attach a float on a short line so the item will float incase they have to jettison (mainly for kayakers)
        cheers, Duncs

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