OK so I am playing catch up with the blog posts at the moment and there are still many updates to add, however when something significant happens I am compelled to tell you about it.

After all we all like fresh fish right?

Yesterday I had a couple of hours free so I decided to make the best use of it and head to the harbour  for some fun with flatties. That is one of the many benefits of LRF gear, I need no preparation as the tackle is ready to go at the drop of a hat, indeed it’s usually still in the boot of the car ready to be used!

When I got to the harbour there was a big swell running outside, this had caused the water to be pretty cloudy with lots of floating weed about. However my go to rig for flatfish is a drop-shot rig and one which I tend to rig weedless anyway so the floating weed does not really cause any problems. The tide was an hour into the flood and approaching the peak time for the harbour flatties.

On this occasion I was using my  7′ 1″  Hart Absolut Rock and Street rod 1-7g, Yuki Genius 2000 reel , PE 0.6 YGK G Soul Upgrade, 8lb YGK Fluro leader. My rig was my standard drop-shot setup, #8 long shank (offset) hook tied with a Palomar knot 1′ from the bottom of the trace a 7g drop-shot lead and 4″ Gulp sand worm on the hook.

I am very fond of the Hart rod as it has a solid tip but a fairly stiff blank giving it a lot of hidden power further down the rod. Add to this full Fuji reel seat and K series guides and it really is a great tool for the job!

I began by casting out and working the lure along the sandy patches with a slow retrieve and little twitches, all the time keeping the lead trundling along throwing up puffs of sand. The sand gave way to a fringe of kelp weed that flanked the harbour walls and as I was rigged weedless I could work the lure right into it without getting snagged up. I had been searching around the area with the lure for about 10 minutes when I felt a very soft pluck on the line, followed by an odd rattle.  I didn’t quite feel like a normal flattie bite but I re acted the same as when a flounder bites by dropping the rod tip to give a bit of slack. I paused a couple of seconds to let the “flattie” suck the lure in properly before striking into the fish.

The rod bent into the fish and as I felt the weight of it I thought it was a nice flounder. All be it one that was still confused as it seemed to hang just off the bottom shaking it’s head. Normally when hooked a flounder tends to run a bit but this fish just bore down and kept shaking it’s head. I worked the fish up from the bottom and now it was my turn to be confused, it just didn’t feel like a flounder.

As the fish came up through the water I caught sight of it and my brain did cartwheels.  It was no flattie, huge pectoral fins  and a great big open white mouth rose from the depths.

“What the?? Is it a monkfish??!! Ooooooohhh my It’s a scorpion!!”

My legs turned to jelly, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it was by far the biggest scorpion fish I have caught. It came to the surface and began to jerk it’s head violently from side to side, every time it jerked its head like that the line went from slack to tight. It was terrifying there is no better way to throw a hook than the game this fish was playing!

I moaned breathless pleadings to Poseiden ” pleeeasssedon’tcomeoffpleeeaaasse” Gibbering like a crazy fool I deployed the long handled net and gently guided the fish into it!

“Yeeeesssss” I shrieked capering madly about in a sort of over excited victory dance.

As I held the fish I couldn’t believe what had happened, I have always wanted to catch a big short spined scorpion fish and here it was, my multi coloured prize held in my shaking hands.

I weighed and measured the fish and it came in at 1lb on the nose and 30cm in length. Sure this species do go bigger but usually from deeper water and on bait. To catch one in the harbour on a lure on LRF gear was extra special.





I released the fish back with the aid of the long handled landing net, turning it out  and watching the fish lumber off back into it’s kelpy lair. It was a magical moment and one I will remember forever.

As I sat on a creel puffing on my vape , I thought “well I could just go home, jobs done”

Quickly followed by ” Nah, I must get a couple of flatties!”

Sure enough an hour later I had done just that, hopped in the car and was back home with a grin from ear to ear!



What a day,what a fish!

I wonder what the weekend will bring?

Tight Lines



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  1. Toj says:

    What a beautiful wee monster Jake, brilliant fish!

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