March signalled the start of this years perch campaign and I found myself on the loch in a boat with my friend and fellow pro staffer for Herakles Mark Stone. It was cold and it was a real struggle to find the perch. With the water temperatures low we knew that the perch would be shoaled in the deeper water and although we were seeing perch like marks on the sonar we just couldn’t persuade them to bite. However, even though we were on a perch mission I always bring along the pike gear as well!

This particular loch has thrown up some really big pike in the past and I had some new lures from Westin Fishing to try. Among them was the Westin Monster Teez a lure I was demo-ing at the Glasgow Angling Centre spring open weekend. The lure itself is a big (30cm) ripple tail type lure and is a little different to other lures of this type as it has a small paddle on the end of the ripple tail. This paddle gives the whole lure a rolling action, which gives a nice belly flash. I rigged the lure on a 28gm 6/0 jig head with a treble stinger and used my Westin W3 Power lure bait caster combo to actually fish it.

We were searching the drop offs in the loch by slowly motoring along them  watching the sonar for signs of perch. So while we were doing this it was easy enough to put the big lure out the back and troll it along as we searched. Now this size of lure is a far cry from the ultra light perch gear that I normally use, even when piking I tend to only use lures around 15cm max. My thoughts were that if I were trying for pike I may as well try for a monster!

It actually didn’t take that long trolling the dropoffs before the lure was hit by a pike. “Ooooh this should be big” I thought, only to find that a small jack about twice the size of the lure had nailed it!


Still it was great to get a bit of action on an otherwise tough day as well as showing that the lure was very attractive to Mr Esox. We carried on searching for the perch, we would troll the lure till we saw marks on the sonar. Then anchor above the shoal and start dropshotting for perch. It was tough fishing and although I managed to catch the first perch from the loch this year it was a far cry from the 2lb plus specimens we were used to catching!


The day wore on and I began to have more and more confidence in the big Monster Teez as a further 2 or 3 pike nailed it, each one bigger than the last. By the end of the day I had had 4 pike on the lure which made up for the lack of big perch. Every pike hit the lure really hard and really got my adrenalin going and it was an interesting change to my normally finesse approach to fishing.



I have high hopes for this lure this year and I am sure I can catch a pike worthy of the name “monster”. So from now on the big lures are coming with me when on board, its just a matter of time!

Tight Lines



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