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Fairly unusual in the UK is the concept of employing the services of a shore angling guide. We do it, perhaps without realising, routinely when we employ the services of a charter skipper, but hesitate to utilize the local knowledge of a shore guide. For visiting anglers, or even locals not getting a return for the efforts invested, it can be the best way you can progress your fishing forward, for the area in which the guide operates. In effect, you are paying for the many many hours your guide has spent accumulating the intimate knowledge required to extract the best of the fishing in any given combination of conditions. This knowledge is priceless, as once gained, it will be with you for the rest of your fishing life.

Brighton Fishing Guide "Fishyrob"
With the bass season on the beautiful Sussex coasts starting with the first crab peel in March, Brighton fishing guide Robin Howard is able to offer some first class bass fishing on his local coasts from March through to December. In addition, he offers "Fishyrob Safaris", away days to the beaches of Kent and Suffolk in pursuit of cod as and when the conditions and tides fall good during the period February to May.

As well as pursuing bass and cod, Robin is equally happy inducting newcomers to the sport, having the excellent facility of Brighton Marina literally at the bottom of the road. Here the mackerel arriving in April signals the start of a season which sees mackerel, garfish, pollock, wrasse, bass, shad, as well as a whole host of occasional visitors providing excellent sport and practice for the newcomer and experienced anglers alike. Mullet are another fish that Robin enjoys finding for his clients, either in open water or pursuing them on the local estuaries.

Smoothound are another desirable quarry on these coasts in the Summer months, and Hounding is available as a guided option from May until late July.

Prices and contact information 2014:

 Fully insured to £5 million third party liability and CRB checked.

£10 per angler per hour. Inclusive of bait/lures/tackle. Lures lost will be charged at cost. Bait collection might be included in any bait fishing session.

Individual anglers might find themselves fishing with other clients in times of peak demand. Maximum mixed party three anglers. Larger parties can be catered for.

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Erin Campbell with a hard fighting bonito

Jason and a well earned bonito


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